Zombie / defunct processes on AIX

When I scan AIX systems and provide a SSH user for authenticated checks, this user will leave several zombie / defunct processes on the target that I scan.
Is there some way to avoid this?
The AIX version i 7.2.
It even happens if I just scan one AIX host and strip down the scan config to a minimum, which only this selected in the scan config:
Port scanner: Nmap (NASL wrapper), Ping Host
Product detection
Service detection
(I scan with 4 concurrent NVTs)

Hi @Bjarne and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

This is interesting- does it look like what’s described here? Defunct processes on AIX

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Indeed this is the subject. So I wonder if GreenBone somehow should have terminated some parent process to avoid leaving these Zombie processes on the system?

@Bjarne, we’ll be investigating as it should be terminating cleanly. This one might take some time as it’s deep in the stack. Thank you for letting us know about it!