Yet another secinfo SCAP / CERT database missing

This happed after an apt update && upgrade.

I think i am in for a deinstall / reinstall

I can connect and download…
telnet test pass to 443 and 873 with the resolving to ip

deamons start and stop green bone-scapdata-sync -refreash and refreash-private both exit 0

but still no databases found

Would love to know your thoughts.

Are the SCAP XML data processed ? You will see a XSLTProc running for quite some time!

This time it seems to be a issue of your uncoordinated installation.


I performed a deinstall / reinstall.

And yes this may have been due to a uncoordinated install, or a shutdown of the guest VM while the daemon was started. Or the apt get

I can’t wait till the next set of patches to test the apt update install to test if patching the os will cause the issue again.