Why the scan becomes slower when its progress reaches to 99%?

hi all,

I have been using openvas-scanner with v21.4.4 for one year.

But every time the scan progress reaches to 99 percent, the scan will become much slower,especially if task has large number of hosts.

Would you kindly help explain what happened or give me some suggestions for optimization.

Thanks for your time in this great project.

Hello and welcome to this community forum.

I’m usually seeing such (assumed to be) “stuck” scans at 99% progress at the end of the scan because there are still long running VTs like e.g. SSH login brute force or HTTP ones running which might take a good amount of time to finish.

Background: AFAICT the progress bar / percent is based on the still to be scheduled / launched VTs because the software stack / component responsible for this calculation has no prior knowledge how much time a VT would take to finish (some might be finished in one second while special ones like the SSH login brute force one is allowed to run for 15 Minutes).

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