Why is this community worse than Microsoft's Community?

I’ve worked with Microsoft, Centos, and Redhat communities for well over 20 years, and this is the worst I’ve run across in ages.

First, every time I’m looking at a topic, I see “Please don’t refer to the product as Op…V…” Okay, so why does every “how to install GVM” third party post concerning Centos 7 or 8 start with the AtomicCorp repo and Op___V___? (Notice I’m not using the forbidden word)

And why aren’t you allowed to post links to “third party sites” which might contain a GVM 20.08 Repo? And everytime I try to start installing on a fresh Openvas 7 or Openvas 8 install, I have to install VERY old Python3 modules that aren’t supported anymore?

Why is this product held together with chicken wire, after working so well for a decade?

I am sorry our efforts to create an open community around our free software doesn’t fit to your expectations. It would have been nice if you could rephrase your post to be more productive then to express your frustrations next time. Personally such posts don’t motivate me to invest my time into answering questions here at all. Additionally you are complaining about things not under control of Greenbone and its employees.

I can’t judge on that. My personal feeling is different and I’ve seen a lot of companies not caring on communities at all.

You are not forbidden to use the term OpenVAS. You just need to acknowledge that using the term OpenVAS may mean something different for us. Our free software stack is called Greenbone Vulnerability Management (GVM). See our FAQ for more details.

We aren’t referencing third party repositories because we are not involved in packaging of these repositories. If we (Greenbone employees) post links to external repos people might get the impression we are actively involved and are recommend something. This is not the case. We don’t know the quality of external third party repositories. Even most developers of these repos have never been in contact with us or being active in this forum. We are just not aware of things happening outside of our control. Also see our FAQ for more info about this.

OpenVAS 7, 8 and 9 are outdated and unsupported. Please don’t use them anymore because they might not be compatible with the feed too. Also see the FAQ for more info.

The products are our free software GVM stack published as source code and our GSM appliances. Nothing else. We are not responsible for all other stuff. If you have the opinion that the thing you get for free (GVM) from our side is bad and broken please contribute to the sources and documentation. If you don’t want to contribute please go on and leave GVM behind.