Why is the stable docker image tagged with dev in its version?

We are using Greenbone Community Edition in our environment.
We are using the label :Stable where possible and latest where not.
We are experiencing that the images are tagged with dev1 even though we are pulling the stable version from hub.docker.com
Is this a bug or are we not actually pulling the stable version?

GVM versions

OpenVAS 22.4.1~dev1
gvm-libs 22.4.1~dev1
Greenbone Vulnerability Manager 22.4.0~dev1
Greenbone Security Assistant 22.04.0
psql (PostgreSQL) 13.7 (Debian 13.7-0+deb11u1)
Redis server v=6.0.16 sha=00000000:0 malloc=jemalloc-5.2.1 bits=64 build=6d95e1af3a2c082a
mosquitto version 2.0.11
notus-scanner 22.4.2.dev1


Operating System: Linux
Kernel: 4.18.0-372.19.1.el8_6.x86_6
Method of installation:
Official Community edition guide on installation

Because the stable version is build from the stable git branches and not from the latest released tag. The stable branches only gets bugfixes. As the name indicates it is considered stable.

As you can see there is no 22.4.1 release of gvm-libs for example. Therefore the version is ~dev1 to indicate a post/pre release version directly build from a git checkout.

We might change the stable version to use the latest releases in future to avoid dev1 versions for the components.

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Thanks for clearing it up!