Vulnerability list doesn't show all vulnerabilities

a new days ago is installed GCE v6.0.3 and I’m playing with it now. I ran several scans and some vulnerabilities have been detected. When I open Scan -> Vulnerabilities some pie charts and a list of vulnerabilities is displayed. The screenshot below indicates (at least I interpret it in this way) that 275 vulnerabilities have been detected, OK. But why does the list itself only include 114 vulnerabilities? The only filter that I set to make the screenshot as compact as possible is the number of entries displayed per page.

Hi mschmitz,

this might be due to a bug that was fixed later than the 6.0.3 release.

The QoD is set to 0% in the dialog it seems. In reality, though, it’s applying a value of 70%, if I remember correctly.

Try this: Change the 0 to any other value and then back to 0. You don’t have to update the filter, just change the number once. After setting it back to 0, update the filter and you should get all the vulnerabilities.


Hi Steffen,

it looks like you’re right. Applying your work-around I see all entries.


This should be fixed in the new GCE 6.0.7, see