Validating scans that detect info only and seem wrong

I recently upgraded the engine and scanning hosts that had prior detections came back info only.
On researching this it appears that everything from the past scans that had scored from 1-5 now have 0 level scores.
While part of me wants to say yeah this is a good thing, its looks great, my concern is how to validate the new engine given this.
I highly doubt some of these systems have no concerns as some of them are left out of date for this purpose.
Any quick things i can do to trigger higher alerts without compromising my systems to ensure everything is working properly?

Hi @rjc and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

(just to let you know, I’m moving this into the Greenbone Source Edition category for better visibility, please let me know that’s not the edition you’re using).

And yep, that behavior sounds weird, I’m wondering is something happened in the upgrade so I have some questions for more info to see if anyone can help.

What version were you starting from and what version did you upgrade to?

How did you upgrade (package manager, upgrade script, etc)

Which OS are you running?