Using vpn client for scanning

my client provides there own vpn network to access there organization infrastructue, i see using there vpn client config file with openvpn i can scan using nmap but it do not work when using with openvas-gvm,

i saw a post says using layer 2 vpn server, but it would be that i need to setup the server, is there a way i can use there vpn client configuration with openvas and perform the scan?

please help and correct me if required.

Modify your alive criteria, if you can reach the service from remote, you can scan it :wink:

Thank you for your reply,
but once i connect to vpn, i am unable to access openvas on browser where as in vm it works-but not accessible on the browser,

That is the routing policy of your VPN provider, try to change it to split tunnel or find the routing manually.

will try,
and thanks for a move atleast