Upgrade GVM from 20.08 to 21.04

Hi Everyone,

I used this article to compile and install 20.08 onto a Debian server.


So far it has been working well, except for 20.08 now being deprecated. I’ve tried multiple times to upgrade to 21.04, but I keep failing. What I gather from reading other articles is to delete the old sources, pull the new ones, build, install, and run gvmd -m. When I try running cmake on gas, I get an error that there is no Cmakefile. So, then I noticed on the github page that I’m supposed to use Yarn? I did that, and failed miserably.

Has anyone used this same article and followed this same process before? I’m lost! Should I pull the database out, build a new VM, and import the DB?



Hi, please follow Greenbone Source Edition – Documentation — Greenbone Documentation documentation for build from source instructions.


Thanks! I did review some of this. Part of the problem is this guide, and the guide I followed for 20.08, are setup a little differently. I’m not going to keep trying to mess with it. I’ll just setup a fresh install.