Upgrade from binary distro to source version

I’m running the latest Atomicorp distribution:


There seems to zero activity in terms of updating the packages. Thus, I’ve been thinking to switch to latest stable source version by compiling if myself. I have some configurations that I’d like preserve, like scan configs, targets, scanner definitions, alerts etc., but not any reports.

What is the recommended approach for such upgrade? Is all important stuff in SQLite DBs or in some configration files? Can I just save the config, uninstall the binary packages, compile/install the source version, and start it with the old DBs and configuration?

I’m pretty sure I’m not the first to do this so please ideas? Pointers? Opinions?

First you have to check the dependencies with all other programs within you system. I would suggest to install it not in-place (this would break all your dependencies) and your current OS installation!

You can:
1.) Either build new RPMs and make a lot of people happy here.
2.) Install it from the src at “/usr/local” but you must customize a lot of scripts and do some programming.

Good Luck with both options.


Continuing on old topic. I started activities to compile latest stable source version from the scratch. However, I ran into problems with required software/package versions. It seems that you just can’t find high enough version of some packages for CentOS 7. So I decided to change the build platform to some Linux flavor that has all prerequisites available.
Do you have any recommendation what would be best Linux distro to start building the source version? What distro you in Greenbone use for development and compilations?

OK. I noticed the note in installation instructions about reference system being Debian 9. My bad not noticing it immediately.

Our developers are free of choice for choosing an OS. But Greenbone OS is based on Debian therefore the latest Debian stable is our reference system.

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Developer use different Versions, i am pretty happy with Gentoo it will provide you everything you need and you can build your own emerge scripts to compile GVM from the scratch automatically …

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