Unable to maintain connection to feed services via rsync

I cannot submit my issue because this forum keeps complaining about new users not being able to submit more than 2 links when my post has only one link but it is trying to turn addresses in the post into links… this is a workaround.

Mostly it is a firewall or network issue on your side, you need to ensure that no NAT or double sessions are in place. In a second source IP tries to connect you will get this message. As well you are not connected to IPv6 only legacy internet please fix this to get a better service.

Tip: Check with netcat, disable NAT and connect the VM direct to the internet, avoid firewall rules.


It would be great if you could point out the topics which have been closed and which you think doesn’t have a link to another topic containing support / an answer / a solution.

There have been a ton of duplicated posting from user having an outdated OpenVAS/GVM installed recently because of the deprecation of an old feed server (unrelated to your problem) and it might be always possible that a wrong topic was linked while closing such a duplicated topic.


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