Unable to create DEB package for Credentials

I have been attempting to create a Credentials entry for authenticated scans using the “Username + SSH Key” method and seem to have created it successfully.

When I go to download the Debian package, the file has no contents and the gvmd.log file contains the following errors:

md manage:WARNING:2023-03-17 14h19.12 NZDT:1992: lsc_user_deb_create: failed to create the deb: 256 (WIF 1, WEX 1)
md manage:WARNING:2023-03-17 14h19.12 NZDT:1992: credential_iterator_deb: Failed to create DEB

I am currently running version 22.4.0 and installed using the “Building 22.4 from Source” guide from the Greenbone community documentation.

Searching for the errors online hasn’t gotten me anywhere. Could anyone please let me know what may be causing this issue?

Hello nalauder, and welcome to the Greenbone community!

We recently fixed this problem via https://github.com/greenbone/gvmd/pull/1914. As far as I know this fix is not included in the latest release and/or tarballs yet. You may need to build from the latest stable release branches.

Please also note that version 22.04.0 may be outdated with respect to other issues.

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