/tmp/scadata-sync & /tmp/certdata-sync deleted after reboot

----- Versions------
GVMD: 9.0.0
GVM-libs: 11.0.0
GSAD: 9.0.0
openvas: 7.0.0

— Question ----
Hi :slight_smile:

I’m trying to create a systemd unit file in order to start ospd-openvas service at system bootup. However, I saw that temporary files are stored in /tmp/ when doing scapdata and certdata synchronisation. These files are the following : /tmp/scapdata-sync and /tmp/certdata-sync.

When my system reboot, these files are obviously deleted and ospd-openvas service can not start because it “can not found /tmp/scapdata-sync and /tmp/certdata-sync”.

Is there a way to change location of these files ?

Several things to consider here

  1. You should use latest releases GVM 11 (stable, initial release 2019-10-14)
  2. We have example service files which can be found at https://github.com/greenbone/ospd-openvas/tree/master/config
  3. scap and cert data are not loaded by ospd-openvas. They are used by gvmd
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Hi bricks,

Thank you for your fast response!

When I try lo launch ospd-openvas, it still stuck in “loading nvt…” indefinitely and every 10 secondes an error log “can not find /tmp/…” is generated. I trying to start ospd-openvas on a slave side, so I only start ospd-openvas binary. I don’t start gvmd manually but it starts automatically when running ospd-openvas.

This is what I did :


Do you know how can I solve this issue? Do I have an issue with gvmd?

Please check if your /tmp is a ramdisk or persistent filesystem :wink: Your installation and paths look total odd, you should stick to the Linux FHS !

Hey Lukas

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I will check that later, but I don’t understand what’s going wrong with my installation path … can you please just tell me a little more about it? :confused:

Just google for Linux FHS, this should help you where to place data and software on your system.