Task schedule don't work


I have set up an openvas infrastructure running in slave master with GMP type scans driven by a manager who carries the scan config and all scan configurations.

I perform about twenty scans daily, some of which are quite large /24 /16 /19 /20.

For some time now no tasks scheduled for my scans have been started automatically.
The scheduled tasks suddenly stopped working.
I have the following error in the logs :
md gmp:WARNING:2019-12-04 16h52.33 utc:18223: Authentication failure for 'admin' from unix_socket

I did my research and came across this

the problem seems identical to mine however the fix was done only in the project source and where I did the installation via the package provided by the repo atom for centOS 7.
How can I solve this problem, please.

Please go back to your package provider, we can only support the source code. If someone build a distribution specific packet this is not supported here.