Suggestion ! Feed Status options

Suggestion !
would it be possible for the feed panel in the web tool to have a last checked date time for the feed
and a current status of the cron job that does the update ?

in addition would it be possible to have a link on

to note the last updated feed / version etc that is available ?

Seems like there is a lot of question on feed status and diagnosing issues with it seems to be a weak point / difficulty in the VM or the admin panel.

I resorted to a blog post to run the process manually but even then there is no easy feedback to check if it ran successfully etc etc ??

seems a simple thing to put in place ??

That is exactly how the rsync check if a feed update is needed. Just take a look how this is done by the rsync script. It is simple RSYNC only one simultaneous sync via one IP.

NAT and Proxy are not official supported.

Hi, sorry I don’t understand your reply it seems to be related but does not answer the question as to whether the application can display feed update status and control ?
as a self contained VM with limited access by design it proba;y should not rely as the author sats, in digging around in super user shells??

You can check the actual feed status via:

rsync rsync:// /tmp/

cat /tmp/
PLUGIN_SET = “202008071004”;
PLUGIN_FEED = “Greenbone Community Feed”;
FEED_VENDOR = “Greenbone Networks GmbH”;