Sql_exec_internal: sqlite3_step failed: cannot start a transaction within a transaction


I’m in a master / slave configuration setup. Master & slaves are on 7.0.3; scanner 5.1.3. gsad is 7.0.4
Everything was working fine until this morning where new tasks run on the slave would turns to Internal Error. Looking at slave openvasmd log show the following error multiple times:

md manage:WARNING:2019-04-24 08h30.02 utc:5487: sql_exec_internal: sqlite3_step failed: cannot start a transaction within a transaction
md manage:WARNING:2019-04-24 08h30.02 utc:5487: sqlv: sql_exec_internal failed
md manage:WARNING:2019-04-24 08h30.02 utc:5487: manage_schedule: manage_update_nvti_cache error (Perhaps the db went down?)

I have found only one reference of this problem, here:

Which appears to be caused by gsad running the master branch and openvasmd running the release branch. I’m not in this situation as both openvasmd and gsad are running the 7.x release branch.

So I’m a bit perplex. Any ideas ?


Hi @tatooin,

my co-workers and me are always willing to help and support our community, but it seems you are working for a commercial company and your issues are more enterprise related. Therefore please think about buying a Greenbone Appliance to get further support!


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Hi @bricks

Yes, and I actually already have contacted greenbone support to get a solution (you can check with Ms Anders and Ms Louth). But unfortunately, the appliance model is not an option in my case at the moment, as the constraints in my company to setup new appliances in our datacenters as so high that I would need to hire a project manager just for this !

So I told greenbone I was ready to pay for commercial support, if I could keep the current hosting model. But Greenbone told me they couldn’t offer that. So I basically have two choices:

  1. Keep the current model (on my own, as you say) but at the same time sharing with the community when I can help and help the product grow.
  2. Get away from Openvas to a cloud based model such as Qualys.

I appreciate Openvas for the Open Source model and the community effort around it, but frankly speaking, the lack of documentation and the way my posts are sometimes answered lead me to think I should move to something else. In the end, I’m not sure that’s in the interest of OpenVAS / Greenbone to loose me as a supporter, and possibly later, my company as a potential client.

At least I appreciate your open post.

We can’t give support for other platforms then Greenbone OS. With Greenbone OS we have a defined environment and setup where we can find the root cause of the issues more easily. Greenbone OS is only available on a virtual of physical GSM appliance.

I am sorry if you got this impression. You had specific enterprise questions (like master/sensor setup) for which Greenbones products are made. We offer master/sensor setups out of the box.

Currently the sqlite backend is in some kind of maintenance mode. It doesn’t get much attention and therefore less fixes.

Yes, I understand that and I’m perfectly ok with it. I understand my setup is more enterprise oriented so I can understand the reluctance to provide help on this on the community forum. But again, I just have no other option than GSE solution at this time. I also think that, in specifc highly secure environment like defense, internal controls would require IT to go for approved security vendors only, to the exception of open source (which is more or less my case here). If I’m in this situation, others are likely to be too.

Perhaps Greenbone should think about providing some kind of -limited- support in this situation. That’s just an idea.