Source interface task setting deprecated

I couldn’t find anything related to this topic, but we discovered this message in our results (error log):
The following provided settings are deprecated and will be ignored starting with the upcoming release 21.10: source_iface (task setting).

We use our greenbone with different source interfaces to scan our servers from different networks (as different networks have different access to the servers). Therefore, we use this setting a lot.
(How) will this be possible in the future when the source interface setting is deprecated ?

thank you very much!

I tried to find more info why this setting will be deprecated, but all I got was this changelog entry, saying: because it is rarely used.

I’m not a developer, but I don’t see any value in removing this, even though it is supposedly ‘rarely used’.
Can someone explain this what value there is in removing this setting?
thank you again,

Hi, not only is the source_iface setting rarely used it can also harm the vulnerability scanning. Our stack doesn’t know anything about the interfaces so changes etc. pp. are not recognized. It is just evaluated when starting a scan. It is not ensured that a target fits to a network interface. So if you have specified a network interface the network interface is not validated. If you have a typo or your OS changes the naming or even more confusing just the order the scan will just fail with strange error messages. As a result the source_iface does more harm then it is useful and we decided to remove that setting.

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Ok, thank you very much for your reply.
We will have to change our way of working then.