Sick and tired of this crap

I have tried numerous times to install and configure this god damm piece of crap.
I even followed the install guides on the Arch Linux pages and still nothing.
If you want people to use your software on different operating systems, then please write a guide for us!

Spleen vented.

Hi Hillbilly_Hick,

We want everyone to use our software, that is the reason why we offer the free GSM Version for everyone to try our technology, as matter of fact we stand for free software (free like freedom) so our source code it available for everyone on GITHUB to inspect our technology this is like free software works.
We can not support any other binary packages besides GOS, that is the job for downstream distribution folks, some of them making better packages other not so good packages, but all of them do not charge for that.

But that is nothing you can blame anyone here for. If you are not satisfied with the packages build on a voluntary basis by many of the Greenbone community you can compile your GVM from the source.

If your skill set is not sufficient for that you can ask someone to do it for you or buy a Greenbone product.

It is important that everyone has the freedom of choice, and that topic is just disrespectful to everyone working on free software, building packages in their spare time or contribute to GVM, no matter if this is a Kali package maintainer or a Greenbone employee … so far closing that topic here.