Schedule wont start

i have created a schedule and modified the target with new schedule. After check the “Next Run” i see the correct date, but the scheduke at this date not started. No log in every openvas log.

Did you solved?

I have the same issue

Same problem here also, athough I believe it’s not a bug but a permission problem. It seems that somehow the user who created the task isn’t allowed to start schedules task (or the user under which gvmd runs scheduled tasks isn’t allowed).

It’s not very clear to me either but I’ve seen several answers from @Tino in this forum on related issues, claiming this was a permission problem.

Also fact that some schedules tasks runs and some doesn’t would also vote for this problem.

From my experience this issue happened after migrating from GVM 11 to GVM 20.08, where the permission subsystem has been modified significantly.

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