Scan through VPN

Hi all.
Just Downloaded and checking out the Greenbone OS 21.04.2.
I am looking for a way to scan through an external VPN service that supports OpenVPN Script, but can’t find any way to do this.
Need advice / help from youץ

Greenbone OS 21.04.2.
Running as VM on ESXi 6.x

Thank you,

You need a Layer-2 VPN, OpenVPN or similar to scan through a VPN so get the full picture.

Lukas hi.
Thank your for your reply.
Is there any way I can get a shell from the Greenbone operating system to configure local openvpn as IPsec?

Just installed Layer2 VPN Server, and it’s working fine.
Thank you for the tip.

You can´t bind OpenVPN to IPSec that is not possible. OpenVPN is only supported with the virtual midrange appliance as well.