Scan results pagiantion only shows first page of results

GVM versions

gsa: 7.0.2
gvm: N/A
openvas-scanner: 5.0.11
gvm-libs: N/A


Operating system: mikesplain/openvas-docker
Kernel: Linux b4222a1fc330 4.4.0-170-generic #199-Ubuntu SMP Thu Nov 14 01:45:04 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Installation method / source: docker image


Looking at the resutls I noticed that for a multiple paging result, only the first page is shown. For example if there are 646 results, the results heading will say “Showing 59 of 646 results”, but pagination only shows “1 - 59 of 59” and buttons are disabled:

The only way to see the results is by downloading the pdf report. Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.

59 of 646 means you have 646 results but your current applied filter only matches for 59 results. Please adjust your filter to show all results.