Scan results are incomplete

I use openvas to scan a host,when i check the results,I found the results is incomplete.

It looks like a total of 397 results,but i only can check 138 of them.Does anyone know what happened?

You have most likely filtered some out.
The applied filter in GSA 8 is in the lower left corner. It’s unfortunately not pictured in your screen shot.

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Thank you for your reply,I didn’t add any filters,May be the default filter?


The min_qod filter is filtering less reliable results out. See if setting the filter to min_qod=0 gets you all results. Be aware that these results come from test methods like simple probes that can be interfered with by a firewall or banner grabs that can’t check patch levels. So take them with a pinch of salt.


This helped me a lot,thanks !