Scan manager installation

Maybe this might be a very basic question. But before that, here are some system information

Is there any documentation for the OpenVAS Manager? Is it necessary to install the OpenVAS manager to run the OpenVAS automation from local machine?

OpenVAS version: 22.4
OS: Ubuntu 22.04

Installation has been done using the link:

As I read the document of the installation, the container installs all the necessary packages. Does the installation package includes all the packages those are necessary?

There is no software component with that Name, please note OpenVAS is one Scanner among with Notus within the GVM Products.

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there is no OpenVAS Manager component. We have a daemon that is called gvmd (Greenbone Vulnerability Management Daemon). See for some more details.


Hi @bricks,

Is there any way we can install the openvassd and openvasmd using any commands in the Ubuntu 22.04 machine? Or the container that we are installing has all these libraries included already?

If yes, when I try to run omp -u ** -w ** command in the commandline of installed VM, it errors out that the command does not exist. Can you please help?


As I wrote there is no openvasmd command anymore in current releases (and also no openvassd). openvasmd is named gvmd now. Take a look at and for more details.

Personally I don’t know the packaging status of our software in Ubuntu. AFAIK the existing packages for Ubuntu are broken and nearly unusable.

The former omp tool got dropped completely and replaced by gvm-tools.

Of course our containers include all necessary binaries and libraries. They are intended to provide an out-of-the-box solution for the community independent of the underlying operating system of the user. Other containers then the ones provided by Greenbone may be outdated or even broken.