Scan confings

Is there a possibility to from somewhere download the last default scanconfigs “full and fast”… etc. for the last version of Openvas source edition. There is a possibility to export them, maybe somebody can give those files to me? for some reasons i don’t have any scanconfigs available after installation…

What can it be?

And when i open a General family configs opens an RFC config

But if looking through nvt section i will find there nvt from general family

But in scan result’s i did’t find results for general family.

You are most likely using the “master” branch from github where a functionality is included and tested to move the scan config handling into the feed.

Please note that the “master” branches are development versions where unfinished code might end up and which could break at any time. If you don’t want to contribute to the development of GVM and can’t fix bugs or issues on you own please switch back to the “stable” branches for GVM-11.

Yes it was the master branch. But is it a bug? could something be done?

As advised please switch back to the stable branches of GVM-11 and wait for the final/stable release of GVM 20.4.

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for the last version of Openvas source edition.

First of all it isn’t OpenVAS source edition About the Greenbone Source Edition (GSE) category

OpenVAS is the name for the scanner component only nowadays. OpenVAS = Open Vulnerability Assessment Scanner

As I wrote several times already master branches may break EVERY TIME! We strongly advise to use latest release branches.

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Ok, thanks