Scan /16 networks

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I’m trying to scan networks in /16 but it’s impossible because openvas don’t allow more than /20.
How can i increase the amount of hosts. I need to scan /16 ips.

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ps : sorry for the possible mistakes i’m not a native speaker.

You should not scan such big networks in one single task. It doesn’t make sense. Split your network in smaller parts.

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I don’t know how many hosts i have exactly in my networks. It is just for a Discovery scan. Splitting my network in 254/24 doesn’t make sense also. It will take too much time. We have several networks in /16 in my company.

Thank you for your answer.

If you have such a big network you should buy a Greenbone appliance

Again even for a discovery scan it doesn’t make sense to scan such a big network. You will get to many results and will be lost in the huge amount of data. Please think a lot about your network before you do some scanning.


Okay, Thank you @bricks.