Replacement for omp -G / omp -S in Gvm-9?


My apologizes if I choose the wrong discussion list for this question, so please relocate if unappropriate. Before gvm-9, we could use omp to manage tasks. This process was very simple and straightforward, but has now been decommissioned with gvm-9 and replaced by gvm-cli. However we’re not all xml experts; and moving from omp to gvm-cli is far from easy.

With omp it was very easy to:

  1. List existing tasks with current status & uids
  2. Stop or Start tasks
  3. Get reports

Is there any simple alternative to omp to achieve this without writing dozens of cryptic xml lines ? I looked at the scripts folder of gvm-tools already but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Thanks a lot

I too am in the same predicament. I had no idea opm was going away, and now all of my carefully scripted tools are useless.

The retirement of the command line tool “omp” was already discussed and settled in the time prior to the new Community Portal and I see that it could have been better communicated.

We focused on our customer base about this change and they successfully replaced omp by gvm-tools already since a while. A good example why it was helpful to launch a single community forum including all types of users (commercial/non-commercial, developers/users).

However, we won’t add command line parameters to gvm-cli like we did to omp. The simple output was not intended to be a supported API.

It is not too complicated though to write some gvm-tools scripts to mimic the old behaviour, one script for each of the old command line parameters. But yes, it is work to do so. If someone is motivated to do this work, please share with others.

The script collection can help with examples:

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