Register_host_detail doesn't add custom name:value


I’m writing a NVT plugin that calls register_host_detail function as follows:

register_host_detail(name:“vendor”, value:“some_vendor”, desc:“product vendor”);

After running a scan using this NVT plugin, the name:value pair was not added to the host “identifiers” as expected. When I changed the name:value to “ssh-key”:“test123” above line in my plugin code to the following:

register_host_detail(name:“ssh-key”, value:“test123”, desc:“product vendor”);

The identifier DID appear in the host details. Is there a restriction on the key name of the host detail values? Could you please advise me how I can use this function to add arbitrary key:value pairs to the host details?


The host identifiers are a functionality of GVMd and hardcoded in its source code. Moving into the GSE category accordingly.