Question about what it ACTUALLY does

Hey guys. Ive been using the scanner on kali a bit but i would like to know what i actually does. Is it just a port scanner with a good database? I have tried it on a honeypot i had running and it looks like it does alot more than just scan ports.
Does it try exploits?
Does it try to log in with standard credentials?
Where can i find a full list of what a default scan does? :slight_smile:

GVM is a full vulnerability scanning suite and is absolutely doing more then “just scan ports” (not sure where this info is coming from?).

You can find some high level notes about what GVM is doing here:

A list “what a default scan does” doesn’t exists and will never exist as such a list is getting outdated on a daily base (once new VTs are getting added to the feed) and is not maintainable.