Problem with creating a New Task

Hi there,

I just finished the clean installation of GVM 21.4 using the latest stable repo from Github.
After some trouble during the installation, now everything seems to be working just fine
I just have one problem. When creating a new task I am getting an error “Given source_iface was invalid”

As it is obvious, I am not able to find the source_iface field
Can anybody help me with it ?

My versions:
Greenbone Security Assistant 21.4.3
Greenbone Vulnerability Manager 21.4.5~dev1~git-680b3265-stable
OpenVAS 21.4.4~dev1~git-f7a9ec68-stable
GIT revision ~git-f7a9ec68-stable
gvm-libs 21.4.4~dev1~git-18b82e4-stable
Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)
5.10.0-10-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.10.84-1 (2021-12-08) x86_64 GNU/Linux
INstallation from Github repo

thanks and regards

I should mention that using the Task Wizard I am able to create the TASK, but with the default settings of port-list and scanner. When i tried to clone it I am still not able to save it - getting the same error.

Hello Jozef, and welcome to the Greenbone community!

Your situation looks really strange. Based on the screenshot, your setup includes at least some part(s) of GVM 21.10. We changed the green colour of the UI in GVM 21.10, and your screenshot shows this new colour. We also removed the Network Source Interface setting in GVM 21.10, which may explain the error message. Are you sure that you did not install any component from the GVM 21.10 / main branch?

Alternatively, did you have a GVM 21.10 / main branch installation previously which you uninstalled? If yes, this may also be a browser cache issue where some references to the previous installation exist. If this is the case, try deleting your browser’s cache or force refresh the GSA page in your browser via CTRL-F5 / Shift-F5.


hi Martin,

thanks a lot for Your answer. I believe I might have found the problem. I check the version of GSA web itself, and that is 21.10 (Help → About) …


I will try to download the 21.4 version from Github and rebuild it. Will keep you informed

thanks again.

Hi Martin,

you were right, I did somehow ( :slight_smile: ) downloaded the 21.10 version of GSA web interface.
After downloading the --stable version from Github everything works just fine.

thanks again.