(ospd.network) : Invalid target value

Hi there,

Under GVM11, latest release branch, on one particular task , ospd-openvas yeld a lot of:

2020-04-29 04:46:23,694 OSPD - openvas: INFO: (ospd.network) : Invalid target value

Does anyone know what that means ? My targets contains valid CIDR notations networks, and target/task was created without issues.


https://github.com/greenbone/ospd/blob/ospd-2.0/ospd/network.py#L291 is failing. Your target seems to be an empty string. Not sure how this did happen.

That’s my understanding too. I guess it’s a bug related to database migration from gvm-9 (sqlite) -> gvm-10 -> gvm-11 (postgresql) as my target hasn’t changed and I did not have this problem with gvm-9.

I’ll recreate the target, see if that makes any difference.


Just an update on this topic; the problem is systemic. Whenever I have to stop / resume a task; I end up with this error. It seems the problem happens when the task is already seen as finished on ospd side, while still seen as running under gvmd (which happens very frequently on somehow big tasks)