Order of ips and ports

I’d like to know in which order openvas runs ip+port+nvts in order?
I’ve made a task in sequential order of hosts with 4 concurrencies. but openvas has selected an IP from the end of my list…
How I can be assured of this order?

See order of target hosts at https://docs.greenbone.net/GSM-Manual/gos-21.04/en/scanning.html#creating-a-task

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Thanks for your reply.
I know that greenbone has three options for the order of target hosts.
But when I select sequentially and check wireshark log I see that there is an ip from end of the hosts list which is chosen by openvas as the frist block of IP .
By sequential what does it mean? it means that it only selects blocks of ip (based on the concurrency we set) sequentially but not in the block or all the selection it does are sequential ?