OpenVAS Virtual Appliance Log File

I’m just recently install OpenVAS CE 5.0.10 in Virtual box and trying to scan a Metasploitable machine but the scan is just staying at 1% after 30 minutes. Is there a spot where I can see what the scan is currently doing? Is there a current log file or something?

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Try using journalctl.
When accessing the GOS Admin Menu via SSH or console window you can open the GOS Shell via
GOS Admin Menu > Advanced > Support > Shell
here enter
journalctl -f to see a live log.

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Thanks for the response but I don’t think that helps.

I started a scan about 30 minutes now and I have been watching the journalctl -f command and all I am seeing are Cron Jobs every 5 minutes.

Is there somewhere that I can see it is actually scanning the target. Right now my scan is stuck at 1% and it looks like it is doing nothing.


Thats as much logs as the Community Edition offers.
I’d try to find what’s stopping the scan to progress. Maybe start with scanning local host and switch the alive test to “consider alive” with this working configure a single host target, and find an alive test that works. Try using this alive test for a bigger target.

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