OpenVAS unable to scan windows smb

Hi all.
I’m running OpenVAS on Kali distro and and everything seems to work fine - except for scanning a Windows machine vulns.
I read that a package called “openvas-smb” is needed and for some reason I can’t find it anywhere on my Kali.
When checking “gvm-check-setup”, no errors are received and everything looks OK.
I searched for a guide on how to install this package on a KALI machine, but I couldn’t find it.
I would appreciate help on how to add this feature/package to my OpenVAS / Kali.
Many thanks

Unfortunately Debian / Kali currently doesn’t ship / is packaging the openvas-smb package:

Currently there are a few options if you want to use the openvas-smb package:

  1. Ask the Debian / Kali for openvas-smb support / get external help to get it packaged
  2. Uninstall the complete GVM Kali packages and build all GVM components from source by following Building 22.4 from Source - Greenbone Community Documentation

or if you prefer a ready to use solution (both are already shipping the openvas-smb prebuild:

  1. The Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL VM (see Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL - Greenbone Networks)
  2. A Greenbone Enterprise Appliance (see Products - Greenbone Networks)
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