Openvas-smb wmireg usage

I can use wmi queries with wmi on openvas-smb but while i try to use registry queries with wmi on openvas-smb, i have taking rpc error. Help me please.

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I guess you’re writing a nasl script to check a registry key?
I would suggest to have a look into “”, where you can find functions like “registry_get_dword()” or “registry_get_sz()”.

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Hi guy,

Actually , no. I want to use wmireg.c in openvas-smb. There are a lot of functions of registry. But i do something wrong. I pass wrong arguments or there is something else…

The registry related WMI functions of openvas-smb currently are known to be in a non-working state. You could create a new issue at and ask the development team if there are any plans to make them working again.