Openvas online scanner

hi guys,
i’d like to know if i need any license to run openvas scanner online and give results to others…i want to run it on my own server like ubuntu.
and i want to scan 10 or 100 targets at the same time and give them their own results.
thanks for your support

and definitely i need it to be updated for all nvts and receive latest updates.
thanks again

In my last review of the terms it says you can’t use it and charge for it but you can use it as a tool in your services. Greenbone is going to tell you to have an attorney review the EULA and not answer your question (I already tried this but a slightly different topic). However, you open yourself up in this case since you can’t (maybe you can) verify the person requesting the scan has the authority to request the endpoint be scanned (I could see a bad person using you as a means to scan targets to find weakness and then exploit it)… So take that as you will - but there is a reason there are no free services for the most part out there like this.

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CRON job would be used for keeping the three feeds updated.

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First of all you have to differentiate between our products and our free software. The components of GSE are licensed under GPLv2 and GPLv3. Thus you have to comply with these licenses.

Second if you are using one of our products you have to read the EULA of course and as a company you also should give it to your attorney. This should be a standard process for all software products you are buying.


hi,thanks for your help
but i do not understand which license i should buy!
in the products page there is hardware products listed but i do not need hardware.
i have my own server and need nvt updates and full support regularly.
can you help me more about this?
as an example : how works? it has openvas online scanner.
what’s the way?

They did what we call an “uncoordinated integration” of GSE:

And they use the Greenbone Community Feed (GCF), not the full-featured Greenbone Security Feed (GSF):

Greenbone’s primary business model is to sell and support physical/virtual GSM appliances. We do not sell GSF alone.


thank you very much.
i think now i’m almost there.