Openvas-manage-certs error

Dear All,
I’m trying to configure OpenVAS on a Kali Linux (2019.1) and I receive the following error at first startup:

openvas-manage-certs -a
Using /tmp/tmp.bJLlHzxwm3 to temporarily store files.
Creating new certificate infrastructure in automatic mode.
Generating private key.
Generated private key in /tmp/tmp.bJLlHzxwm3/cakey.pem.
Generating certificate.
Generating self signed certificate.
ERROR: Failed to create self signed certificate, see /tmp/tmp.bJLlHzxwm3/openvas-manage-certs.log for details. Aborting.

Do you have any suggestion to fix this issue?

Please try to read the output (if given) where to look for hints on such issues: