No valid ip address

After installing product to vmware pro and creating user, having error: no valid ip address, a problem with the network occured, network interface has no valid ip.
Using phone-sharing internet on laptop, other virtual machines never told anything like it.

Check the network adapter settings in the virtual machine:
Make sure that the virtual adapter is configured for the correct type of network connection (for example, bridge, NAT, or internal network).
Check that the IP address settings in the virtual machine match your network requirements.
Check the network adapter settings on the host machine (your laptop):
Make sure that the network adapter on the host machine is configured correctly and has access to the Internet.
Check for IP address conflicts or other problems on the network.
Restart the network adapter in the virtual machine and in the host machine:
Perform a reboot of the virtual machine and host machine to reset the network settings.
Check the network firewall settings:
Make sure that the firewall settings on the host machine and the virtual machine allow connections through the necessary ports.

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