Nmap (NASL wrapper) rate limits / timing settings

OpenVAS: 20.08.1~git / Community Edition
Nmap: 7.70

I run scans using nmap as the port scanner plugin. In the NVT Preferences I applied some configuration changes to the Nmap (NASL wrapper) (

  • Minimum wait between probes: 20ms
  • Timing policy: Normal

The nmap command in the log only uses -T3 (Timing Policy) but not the option --scan-delay (Minimum wait between probes). Thus I run into rate limit restrictions of the firewall between the target network and my scanner.

Is it needed to somehow disable the timing policy to make the Nmap (NASL wrapper) recognise my additional timing settings?

This seems to be a bug in the nmap nasl wrapper script. See this: Nmap NASL Wrapper Timing Bug –scan-delay

Please downgrade your nmap to the last GPL/Debian free version. Than should do the trick.