[Newbie] Cloning Error


Installation method / source:

Hi guys,

I would just like to ask why am I getting a fatal error during the installation for the gvm? Apologies, I am just starting out and I was tasked to install the openvas scanner in my laptop. Currently the Ubuntu setup is installed in a Virtual Box

Here is the error:
gvm@jerico-VirtualBox:/opt/gvm/src$ git clone -b gvm-libs-21.4.3 --single-branch GitHub - greenbone/gvm-libs: Greenbone Vulnerability Management Libraries
Cloning into ‘gvm-libs’…
warning: Could not find remote branch gvm-libs-21.4.3 to clone.
fatal: Remote branch gvm-libs-21.4.3 not found in upstream origin

thank you very much.

There is no branch gvm-libs-21.4.3. If you want to checkout this exact version you need to checkout a new branch from the v21.4.3 tag.