New Installation in Virtuabox


I have just installed GSM in VMWare to have a play with it on my home network. It seems to have performed its update and everything and it has acess to the internet as I can ping Google. The odd thing is that I have it set to DHCP and it comes back with an IP of when my home network is so I am not sure where it is getting this IP from as I am unable to connect to it or ping it.

Oddly enough though when I put in an ip on my network range (e.g., with the DNS server as and the global; gateway set as it wont ping out to the internet nor can I ping the gateway or the internet and nothing can ping the appliance. I have used the same settings as another PC on my home network and used an IP address which is free so I am unsure what to do next.

Any help is appreciated.

Please set the Adapter to a bridge mode, it seems you have some NAT running.

Yes thank you I have only just noticed this myself and it is now working perfectly! :slight_smile: