Master/slave configuration

Hello Community,

I am pretty much stuck on the GVM Master/Slave setup.

Currently, I have 2 VM KALI Linux 2020.3 with GVM (GSA Version 9.0.1) on them.

I was trying to follow different information on the web and some topics on the greenbone community, but I am confused and cannot advance forward on this topic.

I want to understand how 2 scanners are communicating with each other, what are the credentials that I have to use for this setup, how the authentification is working, how to set up certificates and approve them? and might be that I will have more questions on this topic.

Is there is someone in this community with the same questions or answers?

It could be very useful if someone could describe to me what exactly I have to do to set up a master and slave scanner configuration, I even don’t understand where to start. Even more grateful could be if someone posts some short step by step manual.

Thanks in Advance

Hello Martin,

See the following post: Master and slave architecture

I wrote this quick how to. It’s for GVM11, but easily adaptable to GVM20.8 and is a step by step guide for master / slave setup.

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Thanks, @tatooin, I will look into this topic this week :slight_smile: