Is update scapdata,certdata and nvt possible "offline"

I have server where I have this new OpenVAS/GSA 8.0 Beta that does not have internet connection, only some level connection thru proxy
then I have laptop that I have virtual box and in that virtual box I have centos + same GSA 8.0 beta

from server I cannot update scapdata,centdata at all tried all --wget,rsync and curl
on virtual box I can update those easily

I can use (s)ftp to connect from my laptop to server so I can upload files.

is it possible to update GSA in virtual box, then copy certain files to server to have latest information in server also?

  • what files needs to be copied?
  • does some run has to be executed ?

@Routa Please keep this topic in the “GSE” category where i had moved it. The “Vulnerability Tests” category is only used for discussing the .nasl skripts itself, not how to sync them (because that’s the job of GVM).

sorry, did not notice that it was moved. I will keep this here.

Hello Routa,

I am trying to install openvas via offline also, can I have the new link of this discussion please if this was moved?
Also, can I ask how did you install openvas offline? I can’t see any packages that I can download.

Thank you

sorry for not replying earlier.
Server has connection to internet thru proxy, so installing was possible.
only problem I have is when I try to update certdata, CVE or SCAP using update scripts.