Increase openvas webclient session time out

I’m running greebone security assistant 7.0 and need to increase web client session time out.
it can not be alone for more than 10minuts…
. is that posible?


@naoh59 Please clarify if you are indeed using the Greenbone Community Edition (GCE) VM or an own installation (GSE) not provided by Greenbone. The question is important because often users are choosing the wrong category and both, the GCE and GSE are quite different.

Also Greebone Security Assistant 7.0 is End-Of-Life. You should update to a newer version. See About the Greenbone Source Edition (GSE) category

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I’m running Greenbone Security Assistant Version 7.0.2 ( web interface/help/about) over virtual 4.9.0-kali3-amd64. in one location… and in another location Greenbone Security Assistant Version 7.0.3 ( web interface/help/about) over virtual 4.15.0-kali2-686-pae … i didn’t know it was death.

sorry for my english

So you’re not using the GCE VM provided by Greenbone but the GSE, moving into the correct category.

I’m also closing this thread as a duplicate of Client Web Portal Timeout, please follow up there if you have further questions around this topic.