Incorrect product detection


We have an N-Central appliance which is some Linux distribution with the software engineered into it. This appliance is detected to host Wordpress:

Detection Result
The host carries the product: cpe:/a:wordpress:wordpress
It is vulnerable according to: CVE-2007-2627.
The product was found at: /.

We have contacted the vendor but their reply is that it does not contain Wordpress. How can we troubleshoot the detection, on what base does it thinks it hosts Wordpress?

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Hi Bastiaan,

We discovered the same issue. Root cause (feel free to help): False positive Wordpress identification when using wp-content url

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Hi @PBSH, thats funny. I started also this because of false-positive of Wordpress on a N-Able product, a N-Central server.

Nice find regarding the remote image hosted from a wordpress site.

Hi @bvanh and @PBSH :slight_smile:

I’ve closed this topic as a duplicate, and left this one open

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