Improve Epson printer detection

We have some Epson printers which weren’t detected by gb_epson_printer_http_detect.nasl (OID:

HTTP Server type and version (OID: reports the following:

The remote HTTP Server banner is:

Server: EPSON-HTTP/1.0

My suggestion is to change line 120 of gb_epson_printer_http_detect.nasl from the following value:
if (concl = egrep(pattern: "(^SERVER\s*:\s*(EPSON_Linux|EPSON HTTP Server|EPSON-HTTP)|Epson UPnP SDK)", string: banner, icase: TRUE)) {


if (concl = egrep(pattern: "(^SERVER\s*:\s*(EPSON_Linux|EPSON HTTP Server|EPSON-HTTP)|Epson UPnP SDK|EPSON-HTTP\/1.0)", string: banner, icase: TRUE)) {

I’ve added |EPSON-HTTP\/1.0 so the regex matches the server banner. This change improves the Epson HTTP detection.

Thanks a lot for you suggestion / posting.

But currently not sure if this is really required because if you check the existing regex it already includes / covering the Server: EPSON-HTTP/1.0 string as shown below.

When I try this regex, it doesn’t validate. This issue came up for me when an Epson printer crashed. I saw the Epson Printer detection NVT wasn’t triggered/matched. Then I tried to match the regex and it didn’t.

You can try it out here:

Versus my change:

Ah, i see. In your example you need to add the i regex flag (for case insensitivity) because that is what’s also used in the NASL side egrep() call via icase: TRUE.

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Thank you, didn’t see that :). In that case the regex is valid. There seems to be another reason why the printer wasn’t detected. I’ll troubleshoot some more.

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This regex could a bit more shrinked:

I’ll troubleshoot some more.

:+1: If you need any additional help / pointer feel free to ask here

This regex could a bit more shrinked

We’re usually not doing such things as it makes the regex more hard to read, more difficult to extend and more error prone for mistakes introduced later.