I need to scann my server for secure it

Hi all,

i need to scan a server with one ip and i know all security problems realted to system (update, patch etc) and the exposition on the web so open port or open protocol to low security. Exisist some configuration can i use for do this test or create a configuration manually?
There are templates of configuration for web server mongodb server etc?
After do the scan how get the remediation of this test?

I’m newbie on this system thanks for all.

Hi @Andrea_Manca and welcome to the forum :grinning:

To get started, here are some resources:

The manuals are here: https://docs.greenbone.net/#user_documentation and probably the best place to look at is https://docs.greenbone.net/GSM-Manual/gos-21.04/en/ which should give a good view on how things work.

There are also training classes online so take a look at GSM for Starters, and info about that is in this thread First Self-Learning Course "GSM for Starters"

Hopefully that helps to get you started and please let us know how it goes. If you have any specific issues as you go along please let us know about your setup and we’ll try to help.

Thanks @DeeAnn I study a lot of teory and how world all openvas suite for do the best va/pt test for my customer.
Thanks a lot for your reply

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