I cannot update my NVT on my docker image update

I am using my dockerised Openvas system for last 3 years and today I have updated my docker image

mikesplain/openvas 9 f3e8ed228230 22 months ago 5.33GB

And then executed greenbone-nvt-sync and received the following error.

root@1c07a591e20b:/# greenbone-nvt-sync 
rsync: failed to connect to feed.openvas.org ( Connection timed out (110)
rsync: failed to connect to feed.openvas.org (2a01:130:2000:127::d1): Cannot assign requested address (99)
rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at clientserver.c(128) [Receiver=3.1.1]

NC out put is same for my docker and my home computer.

root@1c07a591e20b:/# nc 873
(UNKNOWN) [] 873 (rsync) : Connection timed out

root@1c07a591e20b:/# nc feed.community.greenbone.net  873
@RSYNCD: 31.0
Greenbone community feed server - http://feed.community.greenbone.net/
This service is hosted by Greenbone Networks - http://www.greenbone.net/

All transactions are logged.

If you have any questions, please use the Greenbone community portal. 
See https://community.greenbone.net for details.

By using this service you agree to our terms and conditions.

Only one sync per time, otherwise the source ip will be temporarily blocked.


Could you please help me with this?

Make sure you are using the latest scripts from gvmd. I think the URL changed a few months ago. Mine is connecting to:

Greenbone community feed server - http://feed.community.greenbone.net/

I have a container dialed in pretty tight at this point if you want to try it out:
immauss/openvas (docker.com)

Thank you for your update.

But is it possible for me to upgrade my existing version?

root@1c07a591e20b:/# openvasmd --version
OpenVAS Manager 7.0.1
Manager DB revision 184
Copyright © 2010-2016 Greenbone Networks GmbH

Note sure why this topic was created in the “Scanning / scan configuration” configuration because it clears doesn’t fit here:

Use this category for:

  • General questions on how to scan with a GSE/GCE/GSM
  • Specific scan configurations / settings
  • Everything else around scanning techniques

As this problem is originating from an outdated and end-of-life version of GVM you could edit the first post and change the category to https://community.greenbone.net/c/gse/16 .

The topic itself is a duplicate of Unable NVT to get update in Openvas and many more.

Please contact the maintainer of the used docker image and ask for an update to the latest (and currently only supported GVM-20.08) version.

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Sorry for posting it in the wrongly category. I have moved as you reported.

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