How to use Feed-update commands for greenbone OS


I am getting below error after executing the update feed cmds on greenbone OS :
/usr/bin/greenbone-nvt-sync: 514: /usr/bin/greenbone-nvt-sync: cannot create /run/gvm/feed-update.lock: Permission denied
sh: 1: greenbone-feed-sync: not found

command : greenbone-nvt-sync && greenbone-feed-sync --type GVMD_DATA && greenbone-scapdata-sync && greenbone-certdata-sync

Greenbone OS details:
GOS version : 21.04.1

could anyone please help me to resolve this issue

You must use the Greenbone OS administration menu to update the feed:

Using the shell is not necessary and may damage the system, if you do not know what you are doing. Please use the Greenbone OS administration menu for all tasks!

You can find the the full documentation here:


Thank you for reply!
may I know is their any way to update feeds using commands(shell).

May I ask what your use case is?

By default Greenbone OS updates the feed automatically every 24 hours. In addition, you can use the Greenbone OS administration menu manually. There should be no need to run any shell commands.

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Hi Martin,

Thank you for reply!
I have checked in the UI but feeds are not get updated from more then 14 days.
could you please let me know is their any setting needs to be perform for automatic synchronization.

Thank you!

Please contact the Greenbone Support or your vendor… a DECA has always support.