How to solve nmap fully supported

when run openvas-check-setup --v9 ,show a warning and suggest:
Step 8: Checking nmap installation …
WARNING: Your version of nmap is not fully supported: 7.70
SUGGEST: You should install nmap 5.51 if you plan to use the nmap NSE NVTs.

how to solve it .thanks

Just install the suggested NMAP version.

As I already mentioned in the other thread the openvas-check-setup script is deprecated. The nmap check hasn’t been updated for quite some time and therefore issues a warning for “newer” versions. Your nmap version should be supported.

As an additional note:

You only need this specific nmap version (like the message is already telling you) if you want to run the nmap NSE NASL wrappers.

Those needs to be seen as additions which are not required for a standard “Full and fast” scan.