How to determine prerequiresite package names?

Is there a guide somewhere that translates those prerequisites in the file to package names I need to apt-get from Debian Buster?

What are the package names I need to apt-get install for these?

cmake >= 3.0
glib-2.0 >= 2.42
gnutls >= 3.2.15
libgvm_base, libgvm_util, libgvm_osp, libgvm_gmp >= 10.0.0
sqlite3 library >= 3.8.3 or PostgreSQL database
libical >= 1.0.0

Prerequisites for certificate generation:

GnuTLS certtool

Prerequisites for building documentation:

xsltproc (for building the GMP HTML documentation)
xmltoman (optional, for building man page)

Have you considered to use the apt-get line for Debian Stretch below the requirements? The package names shouldn’t differ that much between Stretch and Buster and if they differ the Stretch ones should give some ideas where / how to look for the requirements.

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Had to do some googling but figured it out and was able to install all package requirements, compile, and make install but I’m not sure what to do next. Is there a beginner’s guide somewhere I should review post compile and installation from all the source?